Tom Watson and the CMSSC

Many critics of News International, News Corporation or Rupert Murdoch himself will have been delighted with some of the lines of questioning during yesterday afternoon’s sitting of theĀ Culture, Media and Sport Select Committe (CMSSC). However, one particular member of the committee, Labour MP Tom Watson, exposed his real interests all-too-clearly. Continue reading Tom Watson and the CMSSC

The Cameron Question

So, News International. Every time, over the past 10 days, that I’ve sat down to make some comment on this whole sorry saga, a game-changing development has taken place.

Following the resignations in the past 36 hours of two of the Met’s most senior officers, Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and Assistant Commissioner John Yates, focus has once again turned toward the Prime Minister.

In short, there is no real reason why David Cameron should be damaged by this saga. His overseas visits – specifically to south Africa over the past few days – have been a littleĀ ill-advised, but given the chronology of various events, the Labour Party (although perhaps not necessarily Ed Miliband himself) has potentially far more to worry about from the hacking scandal. Continue reading The Cameron Question

Hello and welcome

Hello, and welcome to a freshly relaunched Xinomorph.

It’s been a little over 2 years since I last blogged in any meaningful sense of the term, and a bit longer again since I was last doing so regularly. The reasons are numerous and boring, but a common theme was ultimately lack of time. Anyway. Most people who may end up reading this are not likely to have ever visited before, so enough of that.

If you want to check what the site is about, have a look at the about page. It should tell you everything of any importance, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about me or Xinomorph.

Regular blog posts will resume shortly…